I have begun to look into ways of distributing our short film. I think it would be a shame not to enter it into all the festivals we can incase we manage to secure a screening at one. I definitely think with a little bit more polishing it could be capable of gaining a place.

Last year I visited Encounters film festival in Bristol and this is the perfect place for a film such as ours to be shown. We qualify for the Best of the South West category because the director (myself) is from the West Country and we have locations around the West country in our film. Submissions are fairly soon. I absolutely intend for us to enter our film here.


Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye Movement is a short film screening that happens quarterly at Warwick Arts Centre and is for films based in the Midlands which of course we qualify for as well. Overall the standard at rapid Eye movement is, with respect, nowhere near as high as it is at Encounters and we really do stand a chance. I am keeping my eye on the next submission date and we shall swing into action once this crops up. Here is a link to a very short article I wrote having attended Rapid Eye Movement a month or two ago.


BBC Film Network is obviously a great way of distributing film and I am fairly confident we could get ours put up there once all permissions were cleared to our music rights. We obviously will not be putting up the film on there untill we have tried a number of festivals because most festivals will want exclusivity on short films such as ours. This will be a way of getting our film shown if a few doors are closed to us whilst we distribute.


The flatpack festival in Birmingham is also a possibility but as it is starting next week it would be the 2012 festival we would submit to. I intend to go to the festival next week anyway for research purposes so I will be able to check out how appropriate it is for our film.



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