Our wrap shot at Glastonbury Tor. My favourite location and place of my favourite shot in the film.

Location is of course an extremely important part of any film but the variant of locations our film requires is rather wide ranging for a short. Because, as you will know from reading previous posts on here, our idea is based around two of our characters travelling to meet up with their friends we want to pull out all the stops to achieve this. Our initial idea was to have all three of the men travelling from different areas around the country – one trudging past Stone Henge, one Glastonbury Tor and one past the Angel of the North. You can see this by referring to a post on sampletext.wordpress.com which is our group blog.

Due to time and financial constraints it will be impossible for us to film at the Angel of the North so we have decided to scrap that and concentrate properly on our shoot in the South. We have a location to shoot our interior scene and where we can stay over the weekend which is near London. This has meant we are able to shoot in London very easily on the Saturday, shoot our interior scene in Hemel Hempstead on the Saturday night and then get up early on the sunday to drive to Stone Henge and Glastonbury Tor for the final two shoots.

We know that we do not need permission to shoot in the countryside around our two West Country locations and we will also not have our actors (see ‘The Shoot’ post on this blog) which gives us time to carefully plan our shots and take our time to get it right without pressure. This leaves Saturday as our most complicated day!

We do not need permission to shoot on Location in near Liverpool Street Station nor in Regents Park. All our other central London locations are going to be on the South Bank and for this if you can prove you are students, working on a non commercial not for profit project, permission will be granted to you be the riverside staff. This means our permissions are very straightforward, we must just remember our student cards and identification!

Our shooting script is very clear and we know the shots we want so our location preparation and planning will pay off during what could be a particularly pressurised day. We hope the chosen locations will pay off and our film will look as it does in our heads!

Here are a few shots taken during the shoot that I thought I would add to this post.

Shooting Stone Henge in the BRIGHT sunlight

The hugga mugga atmosphere of our interior scene. Great fun

Our alleyway. The location for the 'meeting' scene

Pub near Liverpool Street station where the telephone scene is shot

Testing near Regents Park


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