As the idea came to us during our discussion we very quickly formulated the characters in our heads. The story does not hang together if the film isn’t about three very old friends who really are just a bit too old to be attending a rock festival. We discussed exactly how old these people should be and decided that really it was important that they were the further side of 50 for our twist to be viable. Having decided this fairly quickly we began the process of casting. To cast our net as wide as possible we decided to use the internet as there are very very few students who fit the bill for our characters!

We uploaded our character profiles and film outline onto Casting Call Pro and fairly quickly had a three or four responses. Each of these responses were positive and all liked our idea and script. One applicant in particular seemed very interested and quickly suggested on reading the script that he had two friends who were actors who also were looking to have some fun and make some short films. We were sent a picture of the three of them…

We almost couldn’t believe our luck – these three guys really WERE old friends and each of them fitted the bill perfectly. We immediately took Charles, our main contact, up on his offer and negotiations begun. We knew that we had some complicated journeys to be planned but because all three of them based themselves in London we are able to shoot a film that could potentially have a large budget for a three minute short, on a shoe-string. The actors have agreed generously that they will not ask for payment and we have agreed that all their expenses will be paid.

We know that they have been reading through the script and are looking at placing a few of their own sections in and finding areas at which they will ad lib. This is exactly what we want and are more than happy for this because we want to get across more than anything that they are great mates so they must act as if they are. These three men will already be totally comfortable with each other and that is going to help us so much on the day of the shoot. I look forward hugely to working with them.


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