Two shorts and my thoughts

This is obviously one of the most famous animated shorts ever and won the Oscar for best animated short in 2001. This film works because of the idea or the concept and of course because of the execution. We known that Pixar execute their short and feature films with great precision and with huge technical skill but they simply would not work without the fantastic stories behind them. For the birds illustrates this perfectly because obviously it is so technically perfect but the key is the charming little story, each character with it’s own personality (if you watch carefully each little bird has it’s own character traits) and there is a clear and understandable narrative, with a satisfying and funny ending.

What I think we can learn from this as we take our work forward is that there is no point creating a technically perfect short film that says nothing or has no story, we must first develop our idea and write a story we are happy with before doing everything we can to make our film look great as well.

Flogging molly – Float

I saw this film at a short Film Festival in Bristol called Encounters. Although it was played amongst six or seven other far longer short films it was the one that really stood out for me. I can’t think of a film I have seen that portrays loneliness in such a way. There is no explanation for the characters solitude nor for his habit of collection but as a piece of art it is so satisfyingly complete. A totally linear narrative with little disruption or distraction and a baffling but beautiful ending.

With regards to how this film will affect me and my work for this module I would say that although we are very unlikely to use animation as a medium the piece illustrates how simplicity does in no way detract from a short film. It is most likely our film will be successful if it is a simple idea done well as opposed to attempting something unreasonable.

I am supposed to talk about three films here but tomorrow night I am attending a short film screening at Warwick Arts Centre and therefore thought there is sure to be one film that inspires me to add my thoughts on it to this post.


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