Final Reflection

I have hugely enjoyed this module, the wide variety of areas studied within documentary has been fantastic – a lecture where both Man With a Movie Camera and Spice Girls in America were playing simultaneously springs to mind. Attending Sheffield Doc Fest was fascinating and inspiring, I am applying to work there next year as a result of our trip, I can’t wait to get involved. Our work at The Russell Tribunal was a great opportunity and I feel we really learnt a lot from the experience, which of course is so invaluable when starting out in the world of documentary making.

With regards to my work I am really pleased with my blog, I feel like I have documented everything that is relevant to our final piece and also gone above and beyond that by detailing other proposals, ideas and research. I am happy with our final piece, I like the pace of the film and the varied shots of Mavis give constant interest. The calm with which she answered the questions during the interview really helped us develop a style for the piece, her measuredness and the natural pauses she takes gave us great scope for engineering a story into three minutes. I hope it was enjoyable.

I also made a three minute piece about EDO ITT and their involvement in the weapons industry – I was slightly less happy with this…for a start I committed a cardinal sin and spelt Israel wrong in the titles – this ruined my day! I tried in the piece to portray the bizarreness of the evening I conducted the interview, it was a freezing cold, snowy night and a few protesters were outside banging pipes and blowing whistles, I wanted this sound to be an integral part of the piece but in the end I feel it actually detracted from what Chris, my interviewee, was saying. I was also slightly unhappy with the structure as well, it almost acts as a promotional video for anti EDO group SmashEDO and this was not as intended. I was happy with some of the shots I took however, my night time shots of the factory in the snow I personally think were very pleasing on the eye and I liked my final grading on them. I also liked the grading I applied to my locked off footage during the interview, The cold harsh blues and greys of the factory acting as a counterpoint to the warmth I have on the interviewee I think works particularly well. If I were to shoot again I would shoot when it was warmer and spend a little more time taking some footage for cutaways and other wallpaper footage. I was also conduct the interview during silence instead of having the banging and record the banging separately so I had the option of both. Under difficult circumstances with the weather I feel I did an ok job of putting something together that I think has potential, even if it isn’t quite as I would have envisaged.

I am sad documentary production is nearing its end, I have been regularly inspired and enjoy every moment of the seemingly endless struggle of putting a film together!


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