BBC Placement

Last Thursday I attended an interview at the BBC to try and gain a placement with them this summer. Whilst I knew that the selection process was rigorous, a covering letter and a CV to be assessed by tutors before even being put forward to the BBC for interview, I wasn’t quite aware of how rigorous it was. Having been lucky enough to be put forward by the University for interview I began my preparation.

I read the papers and listen to BBC radio anyway but I made special efforts to listen to local radio as well as national so as to keep abreast of issues that may come up in the interview. I also prepared by reading up on what the BBC expects from interns and the benefits that an intern gains from their placement.

The interview itself was far more formal than I expected, the first thing I was told was that the interview would be treated just as any BBC interview for any position would be and that I should expect the same level of questioning. Half an hour of intense questioning followed giving me opportunities to be creative, to show awareness of current affairs and show motivation. I hope I managed to show all of these during the interview, I tried my hardest! I have since found out that some questions such as ‘Every morning at the BBC there is an ‘ideas’ meeting, what is your idea?’ are absolute standard questions asked during BBC interviews, maybe I should have been slightly better prepared to be challenged in this way. I know for next time!

To my enormous delight three or four hours after the interview I had a call to say I had been offered the placement, I am absolutely delighted and intend to take the opportunity with both hands – you never know where it may lead!


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  1. Mick

    Nice one, right in the belly of the beast!


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