The Russell Tribunal London session

This weekend I worked at The Russell Tribunal at the Law Society in London and it was a fantastic experience. To be given the level of access we had across the weekend was absolutely an honour and made for a brilliant weekend.

We took an enormous amount of footage over the three days, two days of which were the Tribunal and the third day was a press conference presenting the findings from the weekend.

Here is a photo from the press conference showing the amount of media interest in the findings, the camera set up next to mine is Al Jazeera and sat just behind where I was filming from is the largest channel in France.

All of the footage has been taken to be dumped onto digital hard drives so currently I am unable to show you any of the stuff but I hope to be able to soon.

The law society is a spectacular setting for an event such as this and again I took plenty of photos that are currently sat on a disc that is out of my possession. I shall try to get these soon to give you a flavour of how and where we were working.

The Tribunal itself was regarded a huge success, the sheer amount of witnesses giving extraordinary evidence against third party complicity with Isreal was astonishing and in lots of cases sickening. I learnt an enormous amount from the evidence and it was fascinating to hear the responses and questions posed by the panel, which included Michael Mansfield QC who was recently on Desert Island Discs. It was interesting to hear him on the programme talking about the transformation from once canvassing for Thatcher to becoming one of the most radical lawyers around today who famously worked on the case of the Birmingham Six. Here is the link to the podcast:

Desert Island Discs

I look forward to gaining access to the footage we took over the weekend and being able to show some of it on here. I also hugely look forward to making something out of what we took. Other film crews were covering the event so I think it is important that our piece has it’s own voice and doesn’t just document sequentially the events. We have some very interesting interview footage as well as audience reaction and shots of the setting so I feel we will have plenty to work with and express ourselves through the piece.


2 Responses to “The Russell Tribunal London session”

  1. Mick

    Excellent write up of the event and its impact on you.


  2. […] can find a write up of the shoot by visiting second year student Mick Le Mare’s Blog and you can see some photographs from the day by Alex […]

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