Another Year – Mike Leigh

I adore Mike Leigh films. My absolute favourite is Nuts in May, the screenplay is second to none and the pace of the film is like no other I have ever seen.

Another Year, Leigh’s latest, is another masterpiece. Although joyful in parts the film is quite harrowing and tells a number of stories, each one seemingly sadder and deeper than the previous. Acted beautifully and shot in Mike Leigh’s unmistakable style I thoroughly recommend you see it.


One Response to “Another Year – Mike Leigh”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    I agree, I’ve seen it twice and despite the sadness of some of the characters found it ultimately a very life affirming film because of the calm, contented and companionable relationship of the central couple in whose life the year’s events take place. Brilliantly acted, funny, touching and beautifully photographed.

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