I am going to talk in this reflection about my research work on Ewa Jasiewicz as a documentary character. I already knew of Ewa’s existence because I attended a talk she gave last year on the activism she has been involved in. I have therefore jumped at the opportunity to meet her again at the russell Tribunal press launch to begin researching into the issues that must be addressed when making a documentary about her.

As she is a human rights activist I have begun researching fully into that field. The Amnesty International website is an excellent place to start so I started there and began moving through links and human rights manifestos all of which have been fascinating. I have also begun reading Klein’s The Shock Doctrine which whilst dealing mainly with political issues rather than human rights directly it is a text that exposes and articulates globally important issues, a great lesson to learn for a young documentary maker, especially one looking to address an issue such as the middle east. Further to my research I have read articles by Ewa and looked into other work she has been involved in. Of course I will also be at the Russell Tribunal this weekend which Ewa will be attending on all three days. (See Research and Development)

Ewa in direct action


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