My process and development has been all bundled into my research really because my research has been active as well as reading. My source of motivation is absolutely clear, Ewa is actively engaging in something she is clearly totally and utterly passionate about and has proved this through her tireless efforts. This makes a fantastic character, some one with her enthusiasm and energy inspires me and that I think is an excellent combination.

A few ideas have been discussed and are looking to be put in place. An interview on the DLR is an idea I am really interested in. Here is an article about the Light Railway being built in Jerusalem and the issues surrounding it. It has strange echoes of apartheid South Africa especially the debate about whether both Jewish people and Arabs should travel on the same train. That is why an interview on the DLR would be entirely appropriate. I hope that this weekend at the Russell Tribunal I get to meet people who may be able to contribute to this piece whether by interview or by footage of their reactions to decisions and influential moments during the tribunal.

The Jerusalem Light Railway


One Response to “Process/Development”

  1. Mick

    Both 1 & 2 are informative, show development of the process and influences which is good. In further reflections try to also include the fact you are working on the group project also and why you have gone for both.


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