Ewa Jasiewicz – Documentary Proposal

Ewa Jasiewicz is a political activist, journalist, film-maker, union leader and human rights activist working on the Free Gaza Movement. She has recently been to Gaza, having sailed in illegally, to protest against Isreal’s actions, to find facts, to report back and to help set up a boycott on Isreali goods. Ewa has also been involved in other political movements in Iraq and around the world.

I spoke to Ewa at length on monday about the possibility of working with her to create a three minute documentary and she was very keen, full of ideas and interested to hear about the prospect. I will be meeting with her at the Russell tribunal and am currently in contact with her as to where we go from here, she is a great documentary character, as you will see from the video of her on this blog, her passion, commitment, knowledge and energy make her an outstanding character.

‘More than 11,000 Palestinian prisoners (among them dozens of women and  hundred of children) in Israeli jails face authorised torture, medical
negligence, sexual harassment, body & strip searches, administrative detention without charges or trial, denial of visits, denial of the right of education and many other violations of human rights.

2010 freegaza.org on the plight of Palestinian prisoners


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