Meeting Lewis again, our thoughts, our plans

Today we met with Lewis again, the street artist mentioned in a previous post. We are finding it really hard to be inspired and motivated to make something about him, it seems like anything we make about him will just lack a little depth. Whilst he is an interesting character because he seems to be a bit of a rebel and has had his fair share of experiences for a young man we can’t seem to find an angle to approach it from nor a really strong story to tell.

Having made a decision to try and move away from making something about Lewis and finding something different we sat down to discuss our options. I am going to London on Monday in the hope of finding a lead(see my next post), Yasmin is attending a meeting tomorrow morning about a specialist School in Hereward that looks after children with asperger’s syndrome also in the hope if finding a lead and finally Laura is going to speak to her Grandmother about the potential of asking her to re-tell an event that happened to her recently.

Laura’s Grandmother was recently broken into by some people masquerading as The Neighbourhood Watch. This is something she has spoken on camera about before and is likely to be willing to talk about again, this appeals to me because it is a short story that could be nicely encapsulated in three minutes.

I am unable therefore to provide a treatment for a short documentary on here as promised because we feel we really cant move forward at the moment until all three of the aforementioned events have been attended. At least one of us is going to be going to the student fees march in central London next Wednesday and all three of us will be attending the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival so there are still plenty of doors to be pushed and avenues to be explored before we decide to proceed with any particular one.


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