Ken Loach at the Russell Tribunal

On Monday I am attending the press launch for the Russell Tribunal. The event is being held at Amnesty International and will feature a list of esteemed speakers including Ken Loach and Ewa Jasiewicz (a film-maker and political activist with particular ties to Gaza). I heard Ewa speak at the University about a year ago and she was absolutely fascinating, I really look forward to hearing more from her as preparation for the work I am hoping to be involved with at the Russell Tribunal later this month.

I am particularly interested to hear from Ken Loach, I love his work and have always been keen to hear him speak live.This will all of course be a fantastic opportunity to hear what they have to say and prepare for later in the month but I also have a slight ulterior motive…

Ken Loach would make a fantastic documentary subject, his wealth of stories, knowledge and experiences would be a wonderful source of inspiration to any film maker. I intend to try and speak to him after the conference and ask if he could spare any time at all for me to take some footage, ask some questions and make a short piece about him or about his views on an issue, preferably Gaza. I am totally aware that he is an extremely busy man with many requests but I see no harm in trying, I really want to try and push boundaries and make something with more depth than I have previously attempted, I think attending events such as this, starting to move in circles that these people are involved in and pushing at doors relentlessly is the absolute key. I shall report and reflect on the evening here and hopefully post some footage up, I am taking a camera, a microphone and plenty of tape!


One Response to “Ken Loach at the Russell Tribunal”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Go for it! Best of luck! Looking forward to reading about the Tribunal launch, I’m sure it’ll be a fascinating experience.

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