What Matters to Me

For nearly a hundred years the video camera has been used to record and document history, it has become an invaluable tool to historians. This opportunity we have been given to record things that will never happen again and hear from people who won’t be able to talk about about their experiences in say thirty years time is absolutely invaluable.

I feel so strongly that we should be recording people who have experienced great things, world events, terrible disasters or who can give us an insight into what life used to be like. None of us will be around for ever and this makes it so important for future generations that they have access to such material.

To this end I have decided to make my ‘What Matters to Me’ piece an artefact recording someones experiences during World War 2. I have had the opportunity to talk to my Granddad who is over from Italy at the moment about the war. He spent a large chunk of WW2 at sea as a naval officer but also spent time in England split between London and Liverpool. This short video (the technical side of which is talked about in a previous post on this blog, October 24th) is two short clips taken from a forty minute interview. It means so much to me that he was willing to speak at length and that those forty minutes will forever be available to anyone who wants to hear them.

Here is What Matters to Me:


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