1 Minute Treatment

This is a short screen test with one of our potential characters Lewis, a street artist living and working in Coventry. We met with him on monday morning to put our ideas to him and to see how he felt.

We took a Z1 camera with us and asked if he would mind us taking a few shots of him talking. He was only too pleased, so we took him out (in the pouring rain) and asked him to talk about some of the things we had previously discussed over coffee.

We weren’t interested in sound when filming hence the terrible sound quality, it was taken off an internal camera mic and we are aware of its problems.

There are only three or four different shots in this treatment, a couple we like, a couple we don’t. The main use it actually had was to instigate discussion about a visual style, what to include, how to tell the story and what visual approach to take to really show make the most of Lewis’ character. For someone so streetwise who by his own admission lives amongst some unsavoury characters he actually comes across as a really gentle, quite softly spoken guy, this tone lends itself particularly well to a slower paced piece of work. The easy route to take would be very modern fast cuts, high tempo music and an aggressive style but I don’t feel this would fit, a little like some small parts of our treatment I really think the lingering shot and the gentle music work well together with Lewis.


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