The demise of the Quality Newspaper

We have been asked to pick an issue or debate that we feel strongly about. I have read so many articles in Newspapers and on the internet in the last few months about the demise of the quality printed press that I feel really moved to choose this as a subject for my next piece of work.

I read today in this article on the BBC that sales have fallen yet again and The Guardian, The Times and The Daily telegraph all suffered a drop in circulation of over 10% this past year. I find it so depressing that the newspaper as we know it is in decline. The tabloid papers, that are much cheaper, are in a lot less trouble, they sell millions of copies and although sales are dipping slightly they show no sign of being overly concerned. The high quality, well respected broadsheets however are struggling to stay afloat.

As you will read in the article I linked to above The Independent are being particularly innovative in their fight, releasing a 20p edition and considering a move to being a free paper, whilst I am all for it taking the moves it can to stay afloat I can’t help but feel that it may lose quality. The other broadsheets appear to be sticking to their guns for now whilst developing their internet provision for news and cultural commentary using devices such as iPads to push their online material. It is, of course, fantastic that material from the same writers is available but there really is nothing like holding a freshly pressed newspaper, this is the topic I would like to explore, reflect on and hopefully make something worthwhile about.


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