Interview with my Granddad

We were set the task this week of interviewing someone on the topic of inequality. I wasn’t able to make the filming that my group did so I decided to take an excellent opportunity this weekend. My Granddad, a Professor of African Literature and a Second World War veteran was visiting my home in Bristol from Italy where he lives. He has led an extremely interesting life, fighting in the War, graduating from Cambridge and living and working in Nigeria, Uganda and Hong Kong to name but a few.

I decided to take a camera home with me and ask if he minded being filmed whilst talking about his life. He was only too pleased to help so I set up the camera, poured him a glass of wine and set the tape rolling. He talked for over half an hour about his life and in particular the War, it was so fascinating.

There are some issues with the filming I am unhappy with but I shall learn from the mistakes. I am not totally happy with the framing of the shots, sometimes I am too far away, sometimes too close although I am happy with the focus. The lighting isn’t totally right, it looks a little over exposed and the colour a bit washed out but I have taken notes on the settings I applied and am currently reading up on making sure lighting is correct. I knew the sound wouldn’t be perfect because I didn’t use a particularly good microphone but overall I am happy with that (apart from when the house phone rings…stupid mistake!). I am also annoyed about my positioning, I framed the shot so my Granddad would be to the left of shot and then proceeded to sit to the left of the camera, this makes it look a little strange. If I had sat on the right and he spoke across the shot I am sure it would have looked much better.

The clip below is just a few seconds from the half an hour talk we had so you can get a flavour of the work I have done and understand my frustrations with the errors made.


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