Email sent to Muhammed Ali

Here is a copy of the email sent to one of our potential documentary subjects Muhammed Ali (see previous post). This was a follow up to initial contact made with him at the opening night of the Street Art exhibition at the Herbert Gallery in Coventry.

Dear Mohammed Ali,

I am emailing as a result of a conversation you had on Thursday with Yasmin Muat, a coursemate of mine at the launch of the street art exhibition at the Herbert Gallery.

She spoke to you briefly about us potentially making a short documentary about you and your work. There are three of us involved and looking to make a three minute film. We really enjoyed looking at your work at the exhibition and have since been very impressed by your body of work and the exposure it has gained, the South Bank Show award and the item on Newsnight being stand out features.

A little about ourselves; we are three students from Coventry University currently studying a documentary making module and see ourselves as young film makers looking to take every opportunity to make something inspiring and relevant. We would be so honoured if you would work with us and really wouldn’t need too much of your time. We are aiming to make a piece to professional standard that you could use and have total access to.

If you could let us know your thoughts it would be hugely appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Mick Le Mare
Coventry University


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