Banksy creates Simpsons title sequence

World famous street artist Banksy, who I have written about many times on this blog, has made his own title sequence for The Simpsons.

What is extraordinary about the piece is the fact it will actually be broadcast as part of a Simpsons episode. As ever with Banksy this piece of work has caused lots of controversy, the depiction of a South Korean sweatshop producing Simpsons merchandise and animation cells being the key issue. The work is said inspired by reports that the animation studio for The Simpsons has been outsourcing some of the animation leg-work to South Korea. On agreeing to show the sequence before the episode called MoneyBart the producers came under intense pressure from broadcast standards officials and their own animation department, who threatened a walkout. Having overcome these problems the episode aired in the US on Sunday and will appear in the UK.

In the last few years especially Banksy has branched out his work to include stunts such as this latest piece, making a film and taking over Bristol Museum. I am currently working on a project about street art and its place in society. Banksy is such an interesting case study, his work has moved from the back streets of Bedminster to the very biggest of international stages, does this mean he is no longer a street artist? Does it mean he should be shunned by the urban art world? Or does it mean he has brought exposure and great worth to a fantastic artform? I shall be answering these questions over the next fortnight in my work, all of which will be posted on here.

In the meantime check out the Banksy episode of the Simpsons which will be broadcast on The 21st October.


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  1. Banksy creates Simpsons title sequence…

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