Coventry Conversation: Paul Abbott

Today I went to Another Coventry Conversation, this weeks conversation was with Paul Abbott, the writer of Shameless. You may notice that a previous post on this blog is also about a Conversation with Paul, this is the second year in a row that he has come in to talk at the University but the theme of this years talk was somewhat different.

Last year Paul talked about his previous work and how it had all been used as a platform to get to where he is today, talking about other programmes he has written such as ‘State of Play’. This year he took a different approach and began to talk in depth about his involvement with the production of Shameless and particularly about the start of Shameless USA. It is extremely interesting to hear Paul talk about the differences and similarities the two shows have, how do you translate a British working class drama into a North American one? He insists that the writers have done a fantastic job and it will be a success but only time will tell – he is rarely wrong about these things but this has to be the most the most adventurous thing he has been involved in yet. We were lucky enough to be shown a small section of Shameless USA and I have to say it did look impressive. Enormous amounts of money have been ploughed into the making of it, as is the American way, and from what I have seen the programme certainly has very high production values.

We also had a short preview of the new British series which provided much hilarity to the audience, the scene we were shown will shock and delight the British public in equal measure when it hits our screens.

Although I can’t profess to being a fan of shameless the more I listen to Paul talk the more he fascinates me, he is very open and honest about his working class roots and the family members all his characters are based on and this makes his journey to success just as fascinating as any story line he writes. I look forward to his visit next year!   


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