Final letter to self

Dear Mick

Thank-you for your letter, I am pleased to say that having read the letter you sent me about 8 months ago an awful lot of it came true. Unfortunately I am having to write back to you before the Cricket season has really started in earnest, before the World Cup starts and before Glastonbury all of which you mentioned in your letter so I am still hoping for a successful summer in those departments.

As you mentioned in your letter the most important thing is that I am being enthused by my course. In your letter you explain that you would like to think that by now I would have work totally written and produced by me. Well I am pleased to inform you that I do, plus an awful lot more.

I have learnt new skills, met some great and fascinating people and really enjoyed my first year. I was not expecting to have the Coventry Conversations at my disposal, an excellent series of conversations taking place right in my faculty that boasts a large and very diverse line up including very senior producers, writers, directors and movers and shakers from all walks of life. I look forward to next year’s series as well as continuing to enjoy this year’s (It’s the head of the production team for the BBC Election coverage tomorrow)

I have found the entire year totally absorbing, it has at many times been very challenging, working long hours to get the desired outcome, especially with television production and documentary making. It is totally rewarding in the end though and the more you put in the more you get out. I really feel I have put in as much as I can and more by getting involved in other extra curricular activities such as title sequence production (see the post ‘Threat’ on this blog) and filming a climate change conference for some local businessmen.

I absolutely can not wait for next year to begin, there are so many fascinating areas of production that I want to immerse myself deeper into, especially documentary, television production and short film. I would also like to get more involved in radio. I have a few friends who have shows running live on the University airwaves and I would like to get more heavily involved in that.

Now I am off to have a great summer and anticipate next year with great enthusiasm.

Yours, obviously,



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