iMapMyRun on the iPhone


have recently acquired an iPhone and although I knew it was an extraordinarily capable piece of equipment I had no idea just how powerful and adaptable it really was. We have been learning about convergence on my course and I wanted to quickly blog about an application that brilliantly illustrates the concept of the ‘mashup’. A mashup is a combination of different forms of technology coming together to create a new device or application. You will see here what I mean –

iMapMyRun is a free, downloadable application for the iPhone that does something that fifteen years ago would have been unthinkable. Once opened iMapMyRun locates exactly where you are in the world using the iPhone’s inbuilt GPS –

All you have to do is start your run…and finish your run. That is it. It records every detail for you, distance, route, time, average speed, weather conditions, calories burned etc etc. One can also set the application to update you through the headphones on your speed, average speed and distance. All the information gathered is then beautifully organised and recorded for you and can be accessed with absolute ease.

A list of routes with a summary of each. If each is opened a map and more info are displayed

Straight after a run your route is clearly mapped out for you


2 Responses to “iMapMyRun on the iPhone”

  1. […] Want a free running and mapping app on your iPhone? This is kind of amazing.  It can actually track and measure your run.  Its called iMapMyRun.  Very cool and even better its free.  Find out more information here. […]

  2. Hi Mick

    A very good Blog well illustrated!

    Remember the deadline for 101MC PDP is May 19th ok?



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