Google Maps. Task 3

Here is my Googlemap

I have chosen to make my Googlemap about Coventry because it is a city I am only just properly getting to know. I am always finding out about new places to try for all different aspects of life. I intend to keep adding to this map to act as a sort of Coventry scrapbook for myself. The beauty of such maps is they are always available to be added to and enhanced.

The process I went through to create this was taught to me in workshops but a lot of the steps are very straightforward.

First I watched the online tutorial provided by google so as to re-fresh my memory-


Once I had viewed the tutorial I began with drawing the route I take from my house to my University building, I had to draw it with the line tool as opposed to the line on road tool because my journey takes me along a couple of footpaths not recognised as roads by Google. That is why, if you look closely on the finished map, the lines don’t follow the roads exactly.

Drawing lines

Once I had drawn my line I began uploading my images and videos. The videos had to be uploaded to youtube first before they could be embedded but I already have a YouTube account so this wasn’t a problem. I also had to upload my photos but that was easy as I had already loaded them onto my blog.

Having embedded all my data I performed the last step which was to create my ‘shape’ on the map. A ‘shape’ is a shaded area that Google gives you the facility to lay on top of a map. You can see from my map that my shape shows the areas that I would normally cover in a week.

Just from creating this map I have begun to realise the depth and ability of online software such as this. Google maps is an unbelievable tool that brings together so many aspects of the internet. It is a perfect example of convergence.


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