TASK 2 – Data Visualisations

I decided to research into the use of Twitter by people on my course. I used freeonlinesurveys.com to create my survey

Here you can see a screenshot the questionnaire I created on there –

I then distributed my questionnaire, via facebook, to people on my course. Unfortunately I did not gain the response I was hoping for – although nineteen people responded I was hoping for a few more. Undeterred I decided to use the data collected regardless of it’s depth. Here is a screen shot of some of the data collected –

Once I had collected this data I uploaded it to Many Eyes, IBM’s superb piece of online software for visualising statistics. Many Eyes transforms any data you upload to it via a spreadsheet into a visualisation – some of which can create spectacular results. Here is a screenshot of the Google Doc Spreadsheet I used to import into Many Eyes –

You will see by clicking on the links below the data visualisations I have created using my results.

How many people do you follow?

As a student at Coventry University – Do you tweet?

How many followers do you have on Twitter?

Here is a montage I put together using photoshop, this shows a Many Eyes data visualisation superimposed onto an image and begins to illustrate what, even on a basic level, mashups such as this can provide.

Montage with 'Many eyes' data visualisation

I enjoyed this task, I have learnt an enormous amount about the power of online data visualisation tools, it is fascinating to me that such unprepared and unorganised data can be so quickly transformed into an impressive image that tells the data’s ‘story’ instantly and clearly. I also enjoyed using Google Docs – it is so useful to have a tool such as this that is easy to use, freely available and easily accessible. Google is taking over the world!

The only problem I came across was not recieving enough data from the questionnaire I sent out – this was probably a combination of lack of distribution and lack of response. Maybe I would have been better off widening my sample and giving myself more opportunity to gain deeper results.

I am becoming more and more familiar with photoshop, it has been excellent using it a lot during this module because otherwise I would have continued to struggle on with inferior software. Having used photoshop I will never go back. Photoshop is an industry standard tool and it is so, so useful to be learning the key skills.

I hope you like my work.


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