Exit Through The Gift Shop at Lambeth Palace

I don’t know quite where to start, I sit here at Euston Station in awe of my evening at Lambeth Palace. I have never seen, and I never will see, a film quite like that, in a setting such as that, ever again!

I shall start with the setting. Imagine yourself in a dimly lit, slightly damp, disused tube tunnel. Sounds grim I know but hear me out. This tunnel is filled to bursting with beautifully lit original artwork in the form of paintings and installations(I include what photos I could take, no flash and dingy surroundings set the scene perfectly but are not conducive to decent photography!) There is a bar, but no ordinary bar – drinks are served from a burnt out ice cream van. There are popcorn vendors selling to you from the furniture of a North American diner and countless red leather sofas scattered around, some of which gather round a huge canvas bonfire burning recognisable Renaissance classics. All these aspects are nothing new to Banksy fans however, although there is new art in a new location it has become expected of Banksy to display his work differently, the reason people were here was for once not to see paintings or installations but cinema.

Eventually, a little later than scheduled due to the lure of a beer round the fire, what everyone had been waiting for began – and what an extraordinary piece of cinema it was.

Without wanting to ruin it for anybody the story is about a French eccentric who’s strange obsessions lead him to be involved with one of the most elusive groups of people in history…street artists. This inevitably leads him to Banksy and what happens to these two men when they meet is hilarious, disastrous, brilliant and astonishing all at once.

Filmed almost entirely on poor quality handheld cameras this film illustrates perfectly that the key to a brilliant movie is a strong story with engaging characters, not how clever the 3D effects are or the amount of money spent on special effects. I refer of course to Avatar which I saw last night – the first five minutes of which are interesting because 3D is a clever formula but after that you are left desperate for plotline, half decent acting and a hero to engage with. Banksy’s film is so brilliant for exactly the reasons Avatar isn’t. Charming, funny and insightful, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this evening and I totally recommend Exit Through The Gift Shop.


One Response to “Exit Through The Gift Shop at Lambeth Palace”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    A great film, hugely entertaining and intriguing, but also challenging and thought -provoking not so much about Banksy but about Guetta!

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