Giacometti sells for 65 Million

An Alberto Giacometti sculpture has sold for over £65m in auction at Sotheby’s. It is the most expensive work ever sold at auction. I love Giacometti’s work and have always admired it, my favourite being ‘Quatre figurines sur base’(below) at the Tate Modern on the South Bank.

The art world is such a difficult place to understand, £65m is such an awful lot of money and how can almost anything be worth such a figure? I can understand the value of something being pushed up by rarity, and it is said that this is one of the very few Giacomettis ever sold at auction, but it is so hard to comprehend that someone will part with such a sum for a piece of art to be held in a private collection. Works such as this should be in public galleries for everybody to see, he is one of the most important artists of the twentieth century and it is a shame this won’t be available to the public.


One Response to “Giacometti sells for 65 Million”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Absolutely! A ludicrous, almost criminal, amount of money for an artwork which, if publicly displayed for the enjoyment of millions, might seem more of a bargain!

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