The Landscape Photographer of The Year at The National Theatre

Last weekend I visited The Landscape photographer of The Year at the National Theatre on the South Bank. There was a fantastic collection of photographs but I noticed that almost all of them were very open about the fact they had been heavily edited using photoshop or similar software. I personally feel this renders the competition an image contest rather than a competition between photographs. It is an interesting debate!


One Response to “The Landscape Photographer of The Year at The National Theatre”

  1. Steve Le Mare Says:

    I fall very heavily on the side of the finished article no matter how it was arrived at. Cartier Bresson did not alter his images. They were very stylised and artificial looking. Just using the camera. What is the difference, the effect is either got in the particular way the camera is used or in editing software. Also take the photographs of Tarkovsky, who gets a very particular quality by the special camera he uses, again not needing editing software.

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