Terrible BBC3 Sitcom

The BBC have been responsible for some of the best television ever made and I am as big a fan of the BBC as you could find but I was absolutely outraged when I downloaded an episode of their student sitcom Coming of Age from iPlayer. It was quite literally the worst half an hour of television I have ever seen, no the worst half an hour of ANYTHING I have ever seen.

The BBC has brought us Only Fools and Horses, The Good Life, The Office, Extras, Yes Minister, Gavin and Stacey and Fawlty Towers among many others and I cannot believe they have let this show go out under their name. I know that BBC3 is supposed to be about promoting new and experimental comedy but Coming of Age was so unbelievably unoriginal that I almost couldn’t believe it was happening. Constant, embarrassing sexual innuendo, totally predictable jokes, incredibly unlikely characters, ridiculous storylines, appalling acting and excessive and unnecessary swearing all made for the least enjoyable television experience I have ever had.

To make sure I wasn’t going completely mad I quickly googled it, and without any trouble whatsoever I of course found many reviews all by people with exactly the same opinion as me. I particularly liked this one – he shares my views exactly.

It makes me wonder how hard it could really be to write a sitcom and get it onto the tele – any idiot could write an episode of Coming of Age and I really mean that. The writers, directors and producers should in my opinion be ashamed of themselves and I am so disappointed in the BBC. I know for a fact they read hundreds of new scripts a year and I can’t believe this one didn’t fly straight into the bin.


One Response to “Terrible BBC3 Sitcom”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Sounds absolutely diabolical! All the more reason to write a decent student sitcom yourself! It’s hard to believe the BBC thinks this is quality television, sadly they seem to think they can palm teenagers off with any old rubbish as long as it has loads of swearing and sexual innuendo – deeply insulting, lazy and unprofessional.

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