Chris Jordan – impressive data based artwork

This website contains many of Seattle artist Chris Jordan’s works. He creates images which stand alone as beautiful artworks but on closer inspection have a far darker message.

Take a look at this page which highlights some of his most impressive work. I particularly like the stacked airline cups raising awareness of wasted plastic and the lightbulbs visualising wasted electricity in the U.S. Read the captions relating to the photos as they are important to understanding the image.


One Response to “Chris Jordan – impressive data based artwork”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Really effective. I particularly like the lightbulbs, the image vividly conveying the light pollution as well as the sheer amount of electricity wasted. The vast forest of toothpicks has great impact and I also like the prison uniforms, particularly striking as you can see the scale of it in relation to the people in the gallery.

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