Spectacular Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the graphic realisation of statistics. It is an artform in its own right and can produce spectacular results. Take a look at one of my previous posts for an example of the BBC’s data visualisation work on their fantastic on demand internet content service iPlayer.

Here is a short description of data visualisation that can be found on the website FlowingData

‘Data visualization continues to grow online and in the real world. It exists as masterful art pieces and amazingly useful analysis tools. In both cases though it brings data, which is often cryptic, to the masses and shows that data is more than a bucket of numbers. Data is interesting. As we collect more and more data about ourselves and our surroundings, the data and the visualization will only get more interesting.’

Some amazing examples appeared on FlowingData’s website that show how beautiful data visualisation can be – here is the visualisation of 3D data taken of Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s front man, and set to their song ‘House of Cards’. Radiohead liked it so much they used it as their official music video for the release.

Great song too!

The videos you are about to see now really bring home just how stunning data visualisation can be. The BBC series called Britain from above narrated by Andrew Marr contained these clips. Here is a little blurb from Flowing Data explaining more about the visuals.

‘Britain from Above was a special series on the BBC with beautiful visuals produced by 422 South. GPS traces from taxi cabs and airline flights scurried to locations; telephone communications glowed in the sky; ground lights twinkled as if the roles of sky and earth were switched; and internet traffic burst from computer to computer. With all that data on display, patterns emerged – zero air traffic in no-fly zones and taxis taking alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic.’

THE BBC IS ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE! These videos are totally inspiring.


2 Responses to “Spectacular Data Visualisation”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Absolutely amazing! Love the English Channel, somehow seems on a more human scale!

  2. My favourite is the Air traffic control

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