Encounter Short Film Festival

On saturday I attended the Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol, the event was held over four days and showcased more than 160 new international short films. As I am currently living in Coventry the only day I could attend was the saturday, this worked out quite nicely however because that afternoon there was a two hour showing of eight short films made in the South West, the area in which I grew up and the area that the festival is held in.

The event was predominantly held at the Watershed, an individual cinema on the Bristol Docks that throughout the year shows new and alternative films that if it weren’t for cinemas such as the Watershed may never be seen by a wider audience. The place is always bustling and full of interesting people, it is so encouraging that a place such as this can exist, admittedly it’s in the middle of a large culturally rich city but it is nonetheless a very successful institution doing great things for the arts world.

Here is a short trailer for the film festival to give you a little flavour

I enjoyed nearly all the films but two stood out particularly, one because it made me laugh almost to the point of hysterics and the other because the animation was so beautifully done and the film told such a charming little story.

The first was called ‘All my dreams on VHS’ written by Timothy X Atack, it was a comedy drama about the hilarious consequences of having all your dreams recorded to VHS. Such a simple idea but so beautifully embellished with great acting, lovely dialogue and interesting camera work. Please follow this link to read more about the film and the writer (after following the link, navigate one page further and you will find the information).

The second film that really caught my attention was only two minutes long, it came and went so quickly and unannounced that it could almost have been forgotten amongst the longer, high budget and dramatic films but it really took my breath away. Thankfully it is on YouTube so I can show it to you now. I think that the animation is stunning, the storyline is very sweet and the ending really touches me even though I have known the character for a matter of minutes. (If your internet is fast enough I suggest watching this in high quality, click the HQ button on the bottom right)

I hope you liked it, having just watched it again myself I also think that the music is so fitting, a journey that clearly has pace is matched by a song that rolls along with him.

Short films are such a fantastic medium – I intend to attend many more short film festivals and to keep abreast of the short film world, anything I find of interest will appear on here so keep checking back.


One Response to “Encounter Short Film Festival”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Those were my favourites too. The animation, Flogging Molly ‘Float, has really stayed with me, the song on my brain, the beautiful photography and the haunting image of that touching figure struggling on.

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