Me and a friend from my course were asked to do some extra curricular work by our course director for his upcoming book on videography. In this book there will be a chapter that includes information on how students approach different elements of videography – one of these elements being title sequences.

Our brief, as students ourselves, was to plan, film and edit a title sequence for a television show or film. We decided the best thing to do was to create an idea for a film that doesn’t exist, thereby giving us total freedom to create the piece we had in mind.

We did a little research into title sequences on youtube and discussed between us some of our favourite title sequences. The main one we drew our inspiration from is SE7EN, a 1995 modern horror directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. It is a very famous sequence and definitely worth a watch(see below). The graphics for the piece are absolutely superb and the way it is shot sets the mood perfectly for what is to come. See what you think –

Inspired isn’t it?

You will see on watching our piece how influenced we were by SE7EN but we are happy that ours does not replicate it. Some shots are very similar and this was due to curiosity, how difficult was it for the producers of SE7EN to shoot? how easily is that effect created? how effective can we make it look? and whilst shooting our piece we found the answers to these questions.

Here are some photos of the shoot, you will notice that there are three of us, Me and Adam Davies directed, shot and edited whilst Alex Hacking helped out with some of the filming and directing on the first day.

Adam setting up our cameras, monitors and props

Perfecting the angle and lighting for a section that lasts half a second!

General hilarity ensues late in the evening

Alex and Adam filming the troublesome ‘download’ shot.

The essential editing tool, the Mac

We were restricted to making our piece no longer than 30 seconds and having taken over half an hour of footage during three hours of filming we thought it may prove impossible to achieve what we set out to do. However once in edit it became clear how much of the material we had was useless to us and thirty seconds was not a troublesome length.

Our film that doesn’t exist is called Threat, it is a British crime thriller – I hope you like our finished product…maybe I have shouldn’t have shown you an example from a multi million dollar production first!

(unfortunately I am unable to embed this video via youtube due to its involvement in the aforementioned publication so please follow the link below to view)


One Response to “Threat”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    A great title sequence with real pace and a sense of anticipation. Although the influence of Se7en is apparent, this is very different in feel. While Se7en is quite disturbing and menacing this is much more upbeat and in keeping with the tradition of British crime thrillers. One gets a sense of meticulous planning and time ticking away and a feel of settling down to watch a good thriller. Well done.

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