The Cans Festival

You may well have heard about the Cans festival that happened last year in London. For those of you who haven’t it was a huge festival of street art held over three days in May last year. Here is an article about it with some great photos.

Banksy arranged for himself and many of other street artists from around the world to paint, overnight, an enormous tunnel underneath Waterloo. The results were absolutely spectacular. One of the key features of the event was that public participation was positively encouraged. Having been inspired by so much of the work displayed there I decided to paint a piece of my own. All contributions from the public had to be in the form of a stencil to speed up the process and the response was phenomenal, tens of thousands of people turned up and many of them had stencils and paint ready to go.

This is a template of my stencil, it’s a Sparrow hawk that landed right outside my parent’s window and sat for five or ten minutes on a branch absolutely unerringly still. Unfortunately I can’t find the photographs that were taken at the time but when I do they shall be included into this post.


Here are some photos of the final result.



2 Responses to “The Cans Festival”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    Great photos. Shame there aren’t any with the tunnel full of people – such a happy buzzing hive of activity that day.

  2. Indeed, I think there are some photos of the general hustle and bustle kicking around somewhere, I shall try and look them out.

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