The Invention of Lying


I again utilised the brilliant Orange Wednesdays and went to see the Invention of Lying, Ricky Gervais’ new film.

I must confess to being an absolutely enormous Gervais fan, I think that everything he touches turns to gold and rank The Office and Extras among the best television I have ever seen. His podcasts are also absolutely hilarious.

The film itself was great, very funny and easy to watch. It has, however, come in for a substantial amount of criticism from the Christian community and it isn’t too difficult to see why. The movie is set in a world where lying is not a concept humans understand and this of course makes for some hilarious consequences. Once Gervais’ character ‘invents’ lying however the film starts to push the boundaries of religious beliefs. As a higher existence is not in any way provable religion cannot exist in a world that cannot lie. Once lying is invented religion can exist and the film follows the reactions of people who believe everything they hear being told about a supernatural existence, which again makes for hilarious viewing.

Many reviews have been scathing about it due to its blasphemous nature, I particularly enjoyed Ricky’s reaction to one of them which he posted on his blog, and here it is:

My favourite ‘Christian annoyed at a film they haven’t seen yet’ so far is this one…

I particularly liked the bit when she said, “It’s a good thing I’m not gullible enough to go see a movie without reading a review first.”

I’m sure she’s not gullible enough to read a review and totally believe it wholeheartedly and then pass her own judgement based solely on hearsay without seeing the film first. That would be ridiculous.

That would be like me believing that the Earth was made in six days just because it was written in one book with no evidence to back it up. That would be f*****g mental wouldn’t it?

Now whilst this is of course a somewhat extreme stance Gervais’ is taking I do happen to think he raises interesting points about the validity of religion and also as a separate issue the absurdity of some peoples reviews, I absolutely agree with him that she should not be passing judgement without having seen the film herself.

I am going to see his new live tour entitled ‘Science’ in Birmingham in a few weeks time, and I cannot wait.


2 Responses to “The Invention of Lying”

  1. Quality emotional acting by Ricky Gervais when his mum is dieing as well. I was not expecting that.

  2. Absolutely, it’s really moving. If you ever get the chance to watch the Extras Christmas Special there is a fantastic scene where he does a very similar thing.

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