Does size matter when it comes to TV sets?


Here is an article I read on the BBC website today, you may have read it already. It is an interesting debate. It got me thinking about the way I live and the energy we consume as a household.

I live in a student house and the vast energy consumption is seemingly unstoppable. Each housemate has a laptop, a TV, a mobile phone, numerous lamps, hair dryers, hair straighteners etc that all get used every day. We also have two Xbox’s, a Playstation, three communal televisions, a sky+ box and a wireless modem again all of which get used almost continuously throughout the day. We do try and turn off what we can at night but mobile phones still need charging and what with student body clocks the wireless gets turned off for just a few hours each night. Whilst we are living a somewhat unusual lifestyle compared to the normal family home the amount of energy consuming appliances all households have is increasing all the time. It is very difficult to save energy.

What this article suggests though is maybe using appliances that do the same job but consume less power is a smart way forward. I have a modest sized plasma screen TV and it more than adequately does the job, I watch sport and films on it and it is regularly plugged in to the Playstation, I never find myself unhappy with the size. I think the Californian authorities are right to implement such measures (although I must say they are brave) and I hope that similar steps are taken in other areas of the world.

As a household we are trying to reduce our energy consumption and we understand our responsibility to the environment but with five busy University students all with different agendas a lot of the time, it is proving difficult. I think I’ll make a start and turn this computer off.


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