Sky Lantern


This is me and my two cousins letting off a sky lantern in the south of France. Whilst at Glastonbury Festival earlier this summer I became fascinated by them. They can be bought ready made off the internet but I really wanted to make my own and whilst on holiday I had the time to give it a go. The one in this photo was very successful but my first attempt was hopeless, newspaper is far too heavy!

Anyway the reason for this post was the photograph. I think it’s absolutely fantastic, it has such an ethereal feel. The reason I really like it is the timelessness and the innocence. It could have been taken anywhere in the world at any time. There is no reference to anything modern or cutting edge and it shows a youthful enthusiasm for something so simple and harmless. I wish I had taken it.


3 Responses to “Sky Lantern”

  1. Alison Le Mare Says:

    I agree, it captures that stillness and absorption perfectly (in the lull before the storm of euphoria when it took off!)

  2. If we can find the video of the launch I would very much like to post it on here as a response to this post. Do we have it?

  3. Alison Le Mare Says:


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