Letter to self

Here is a letter that I was asked to write as part of my course. It is a letter written to myself in one years time detailing what I hope to have achieved and participated in.

Dear Mick,

I hope you are reading this in eager anticipation of your second year at University and looking forward to returning to Coventry to continue and build upon what has been an inspiring first year. You will hopefully have had a long and enjoyable summer filled with holidays, cricket matches, festivals, good weather and most importantly an England World Cup victory! All these things should be a fitting way to celebrate a successful first year at University.

There are so many things that I hope you will have achieved at University in all aspects of student life by the time you read this. Making a great start and finding new and interesting friends to socialise with will have been a good place to begin. I hope you will have found your way into the sports teams, have settled into Coventry city life as well as possible and I am sure you will be finding all aspects aside from your course particularly enjoyable.

The one thing however that I really expect you to have come away from your first year excited about is your course; what you have achieved on it, what work you have produced, who you will have met and worked with and most importantly what direction it is sending you in.

I am fully aware that you went into the degree with a very open mind looking to enjoy all aspects. Whilst I hope that all the fields of production you’re introduced to interest and stimulate you I really do hope that one or two things have really grabbed and inspired you to go on to create something you’re really proud of. I have a feeling as I write this that it may well be videography that has done this and it would please me hugely if this were to be true. To think that it is possible I will have produced a short film or documentary in one year’s time is a great thought, you are in the fortunate position of knowing exactly what I will have produced and what direction this course will have taken, and I envy you hugely for that.

I would be delighted to think that I had managed to produce something that was entirely written, created and produced by me of a standard that I can be proud of. I hope you have come out of your first year with a portfolio of work that would impress me now, full of images, photographs, videos and creative writing that you can present to friends, family and more importantly prospective employers or placement providers and be confident of a positive response

As you head into your second year I imagine you to be looking at not only completely immersing yourself once again into your degree but also to be looking into gaining relevant industry placements and obtaining contacts within your chosen field. I very much hope that these placements, or prospective placements involve working in places such as the BBC, local television production companies, local radio and other companies and corporations in this field.

I look forward to receiving this letter in one year’s time and feeling that I have achieved what I set out to do. I hope that England have won the world cup, I hope Glastonbury was a great success, I hope you scored runs and took wickets but most of all I hope you are looking forward to returning to Coventry to continue something that is inspiring and driving you on to succeed.




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